OpenStudio Life Drawing

OpenStudio Life Drawing

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

July 26 Tuesday 7-10pm. Barbie the Ballerina and her wings @OpenStudio

July 26 Tuesday 7-10pm. Barbie the Ballerina and her wings @OpenStudio

20 dollar drop in fee

 boards easels, wine and goodies are provided 

154 Rumble ave. artist studio in Richmond Hill   905-770-8144

parking on street, driveway and Parkston.


Barbie is bringing her wings June 30 Thurs. 7-10pm.


A big thanks to Greg King, 63 photos wow!

who has offered to take photographs of this session

Life Drawing with model Barbie the Ballerina will be the primary focus for preparation for my solo exhibition supported by the grant fund of the Town of Richmond Hill. Date for this to be announced. I have 1 year to provide quality painted material available for display.
4 small group life drawing sessions has been arranged to encourage and inspire a small group of creative people invited to attend these private session.
20 dollar drop in fee, wine and munchies provided in a creative positive social environment.
gesture warm ups and painting with preferred medium.
Barbie is booked for
May 26 Thurs. 7-10pm.
June 30 Thurs. 7-10pm.
July 26 Tuesday 7-10pm.
Aug. 16, Tuesday 7-10pm. @OpenStudio Sue Foerster owner
154 Rumble Ave.
parking available on street driveway and Parkston

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