OpenStudio Life Drawing

OpenStudio Life Drawing

Monday, 27 October 2014

Life Drawing Oct 28, Tues. 7-10pm. with model Barbie at Openstudio/Lifedrawing

           Life Drawing Oct 28, Tuesday 7-10pm.
                        with model Barbie 
              Join us for 3 pose studies, bring medium of choice canvas or quality paper                        
                                       Open Studio/life drawing
                                               20 dollar drop in fee
                                or 5 sessions for 80 dollars/students only
                                         all models are paid in cash
                  Bring  medium of choice, paint, canvas or quality paper and easel.                             
                                         Open Studio, is artist owned
                                      154 Rumble Ave. red garage,
                                   3 hr. pkg. on street, driveway and Parkston.

                     contact sue life drawing coordinator/ 

                                                hope you like us on facebook

              invitation posts are here:
           Open Studio website is here
      see you there sue life drawing coordinator/owner/openstudio        905 770-8144                                             
 see schedule for life drawing here
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see you there sue life drawing coordinator

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