OpenStudio Life Drawing

OpenStudio Life Drawing

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fall Life Drawing Sept 4 Thurs. 7-10pm. with model Opal at Open Studio/LifeDrawing

                                        Fall Life Drawing Sept 4 Thursday . 7-10pm. 

                                                                       with model Opal 

                                                                        at Open Studio  

                                               Sept 4 Thursday evg. 7-10pm. 
                                              We have the lovely model Opal 
                  posing for us for with graceful gesture poses and 2 elegant long poses.
     Bring lots of paper medium of choice, paint, canvas or quality paper and easel.                                 
                                                              Open Studio, 
                                             154 Rumble Ave. red garage, 

                          3 hr. pkg. on street driveway and Parkston. Models are paid in cash!
                           20 dollar drop in fee or 5 sessions for 80 dollars students only

                     contact sue life drawing coordinator/ 

                                                  hope you like us on facebook
                                    schedule blog is here
                                 see you there sue life drawing coordinator 905 770-8144


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